Primis was founded in 2007 by three programming entrepreneurs who had a vision to automate the online advertising landscape

Primis was founded in 2007 as a display banner and pay-per-lead technology startup, originally called Sekindo. Universal McCann bought the company in 2012 due to its rapid success and the company rebranded itself as Primis in 2017. This rebrand corresponded with a pivot to becoming The Video Discovery Platform.

As a Video Discovery Platform, Primis enables digital publishers to provide engaging video content that is relevant to their users’ interests and likes. Primis is uniquely capable of providing this service because of its cutting edge machine learning technology, utilization of data from Acxiom, and implementation of contextual targeting.

These capabilities are implemented in Primis’s fully customizable Video Discovery Units, which allow publishers to display video that blends seamlessly and natively into their website. In order to provide the most relevant and engaging experience for users, Primis’s algorithm chooses between the publisher’s own original content, syndicated footage from the likes of Reuters and Bloomberg, and content Primis creates, expertly crafted to enhance the publisher’s website.

All of these features lead to the creation of a pre-roll inventory of high-impact, in a unit fully monetized by Primis’s powerful marketplace, and add new revenue opportunities to the publisher’s digital assets.

Primis has publishing partners across the world, and the offices are now located in Tel Aviv, in the McCann TLV building.

We have big plans for the McCann-Primis partnership, including expanding into new markets, launching more offices worldwide, and creating new technologies that will continue setting up trends for years to come.

The Primis Unit

A fully customizable video unit that integrates seamlessly, and elevates audience engagement.

Smarter Technology

A machine learning algorithm understands users and shows them the most relevant and engaging videos.

Inventory Creation

Ability to create a pre-roll inventory of high-impact, fully monetized video placements, and add new revenue opportunities to a digital asset.
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