Client-Side Team Leader

את מי אנחנו מחפשים?

Primis is looking for a client-side team leader to lead a small and professional team that designs, develops and maintains our unique proprietary Video Player and other Video infrastructure applications.

The job includes 50% “hands-on” coding (mostly in vanilla JS), so the candidate should have extensive knowledge of web development, client-side technologies and asynchronous systems.

These professional skills along with good interpersonal skills will help him lead and guide his team to success, deliver high-quality features and by that impact millions of users.

מה קריטי לנו?

    • At least 5 years Hands-on client-side development using JavaScript, CSS, HTML
    • Experience building web applications from scratch in a production environment
    • Strong knowledge (at least 2 years) with vanilla Javascript- thorough understanding of Objects, Prototypes, Event handling, cross-browser challenges.
    • Familiarity with UNIX/ LINUX environment
    • A plus - Experience in managing engineering teams and guiding developers
    • A plus - B.Sc. in Computer Science/ Mathematics from a known university
    • Passionate about client-side development and organized code
    • Strong organizational and project management skills, attention to details.
    • Strong programming, analysis and design skills
    • Good verbal communication skills
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Client-Side Team Leader
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