Full-Stack Developer (JS)

את מי אנחנו מחפשים?

We are looking for a developer to be a core factor in our development department, in a small and professional team that works on our Video infrastructure and applications.

Our system is complex and built in a 'cluster' format of 200 BackEnd & FrontEnd servers based on LAMP & No-SQL, has strong BI capabilities and a unique Predictions algorithms, so the candidate would have a very interesting environment to work in and would be able to influence a variety of aspects – from algorithms to statistics etc...

Our development team works tight and have several interfaces with the other company departments (business, product, and operations) so the candidate will feel his impact on the business every day.

This role requires strong problem solving, designing, coding and communication skills. Candidates must be able to work independently while being strongly team-oriented and results driven.

מה קריטי לנו?

    • Strong and proven knowledge (at least 4 years) with core Javascript language - thorough understanding of Objects, Prototypes, Event handling, cross-browser challenges etc.
    • Good understanding of the client/server architecture.
    • Good understanding of web concepts – DOM, CORS, Ajax etc...
    • Experience with at least one Object-Oriented Server-Side language (PHP/ Node-JS/ Python/ Java/ C#).
    • Proficiency in MySQL or other Relational Database
    • Familiarity and/or experience with UNIX/ LINUX environment
    • B.S. in Computer Science/ Mathematics from a known university
    • A BIG plus - Prior experience of working in Ad tech or understanding/working knowledge of concepts including floor price optimization, header bidding, SSP/DSP, DFP, AdX, Ad networks etc.
    • Experience with writing modular & reusable code.
    • Creative approach to problem-solving.
    • Strong programming, analysis and design skills
    • Self-motivated and quick learner
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Full-Stack Developer (JS)
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