Marketing web designer

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We are looking for a Marketing Web Designer to join the marketing team at Primis, Universal McCann. 


You will help shape the visual language and all digital assets of a successful and growing technology company in Tel Aviv. You should be a team player, self-motivated, highly organized, and able to clearly and convincingly communicate your decisions.


Why you want this position:

  • You’ll have a great effect on our visual language. You will contribute to the designs for the company and dictate the visual language of an entire network.
  • Primis is a McCann property. That means that you’ll be sharing a culture (and a building) with a full design studio and some of the greatest design experts in the country.

מה קריטי לנו?

    • 1+ year(s) of experience in Web and Brand Design, preferably in design teams. You have a sense of design solutions and you pay close attention to details
    • Relevant academic degree preferably from Shenkar, Betzalel, HIT
    • Designing assets will include professional and actionable landing pages, social media images, emails, web pages, events branding, and other digital marketing assets
    • A strong passion for typography and layout
    • Fluent in English (native speaking not necessary)

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Marketing web designer
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