SDK Developer

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Primis is looking for a developer to be a core factor in our development department, in a small and professional team that works on our unique proprietary Video Player and other Video infrastructure applications.

The candidate will help lead, design, develop and improve our newly developed SDK for native Android and iOS apps, along with features and API integrations for the Primis Player, and by that impact millions of users.

מה קריטי לנו?

    A must:

    • 3+ years experience with native Android or iOS applications/SDKs (knowledge in both platforms is a big advantage)
    • Excellent knowledge in Kotlin/java or/and Swift/objective-C
    • Hands-on experience in the full lifecycle of Android/iOS application development
    • Proficiency with Android/iOS development environments 
    • Good understanding of web concepts (DOM, CORS, Ajax) and familiarity of the javascript language (previous experience as a web developer is a big plus
    • A Quick learner, Passionate about mobile development and want to learn all platform nuances in order to be a better coder

    A plus:

    • B.Sc. in Computer Science from a known university
    • Experience leading a mobile development project 
    • Successfully published apps in the market
    • Hands-on experience developing a mobile SDK - reference app, code examples, API documentation, etc
    • Prior experience of working in Ad tech or understanding/working knowledge of concepts including floor price optimization, header bidding, SSP/DSP, DFP, AdX, Ad networks etc.
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SDK Developer
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