Sekindo was founded in 2007 by three programming entrepreneurs who had a vision to automate the online advertising landscape.

The company developed its platform, a top-notch ad server, with great yield optimization algorithms and capabilities. The research and development had taken two and a half years, resulting in the Sekindo SSP which launched in late 2009.

Sekindo then stormed into the Israeli market, signing with 90% of the top 20 publishers, and by 2011, Sekindo had an 85% reach in the Israeli market, 120 advertisers and 250 direct publisher relationships.

We, at McCann, recognized the big opportunity in investing in such a technologically advanced ad-tech company, helping them grow, and expand to the global market, while using Sekindo’s technology for our own needs, and to improve our value proposition as a leading media agency. It seemed to be a great match, and has proven as such with great results. McCann became partners with Sekindo in 2012, and since then Sekindo has developed its proprietary solutions for video, display, native and mobile advertising. The company has grown substantially since, and it is now a global leader of addressable, and programmatic advertising solutions, with thousands of direct publisher relationships including top tier global publishers.

Business wise, Sekindo’s proprietary tech helped the company grow from 5 employees in 2012 to 65 in 2016. Sekindo is now active in 39 different countries. Furthermore, in 2016, Sekindo launched a new office in New York, with strong representation inside the McCann New York offices.

We have big plans for the McCann-Sekindo partnership, including expanding into new markets, launching more offices worldwide, and creating new technologies that will continue setting up trends for years to come.


Sekindo’s video advertising flagship solution, generating the highest fill rates and CPMs and perfecting monetization, using our proprietary video ad server and VPAID ad manager

Sekindo Source – RTB

Sekindo Source is our advanced RTB solution for publishers and demand partners: Sekindo Source for Publishers is our proprietary DSP, enabling RTB publishers to monetize their inventory based on a server to server integration with our DSP, and Sekindo Source for Demand Partners is our in-house SSP, which offers demand partners access to direct inventory via RTB

Header Bidding

Sekindo developed a header bidding wrapper and adapter to provide our direct HB publishers with access to our demand and yield optimization capabilities. Sekindo’s Header Bidding solution is implemented within hundreds of publishers, and it supports server-to-server integration as well
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